March 16, 2008

  • Photos of The Island Dancers!

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    tina Bamberg 19 May 2006 453

    these photos were taken at the Army base in Bamberg, Germany, on May 19th, 2007. 


    If you would like to email The Island dancers, contact Geneieve Brewer @ 
    OR call 01632627623


March 16, 2005




                **  Welcome to our Site  ** 

                      * Daniel, Jun, Rhieza, Geneieve, Christine, Nacrina* 

      Hawaii FIVE 5-O
      Hawaiian War Chant
      Hana-Hano Hanalei
     I’ll Remember you
      Mele Kalikimaka, Hawaiian Christmas Song
      Hawaii Aloha

    ^* please pick a song to play fom the above list *^

    from Arturo and The Island Dancers   Wiesbaden  *

    Welcome to the
    The Land of Polynesia, Magnificent Costumes, Beautiful
    Dancers   *


                        *The Island Dancers BEST HAWAII WEBSITE AWARD*



    15 Group Members   1 Optional Fire Dancer 

    Length of show :ApproximateOne full hour. One Hour twenty minutes with Fire Dancer

    Countries represented in dances :

    1. Philippines

    2. Hawaii

    3. New Zealand

    4. Fiji Islands

    5. Samoa

         6.   Tahiti

    Over Seven Years of experience – Group founded in 1999

     Venues Performed :

    • Wiesbaden Army Air FieldWCCAsian History month poc- SFC Michael Ames, Ms Mary Ramsey

    • Amelia Earhardt Office Complex / U.S Army Corp of Engineers-Asian Heritage Festival

    • EO-poc- Mr. Michael Hackett, Ms Lettie Ramley

    • Volvo Military Sales WiesbadenXC90Launch Festivalpoc-Mr. Lasse Magnusson

    • City of Wiesbaden sponsored by Hessen Department of Culture ` Wiesbaden Tanzt ` every year 

    • poc – Herr Frank Petereit, Herr Eduardo Laino

      DarmstadtOfficer’s ClubAsian History month poc-MSG Shanna Travis

      Babenhausen Combined Club -Asian History Monthpoc-MSG Shanna Travis

    • Heidelberg Open Air Asian Pacific Celebration/AAFES/26 ASG

    • EO -poc-SFC Alexie Rogers, AAFES-  Rose Mocikat

      Mannheim Open Air Asian Pacific Celebration / AAFES/293rd BSB

    • poc –SFC Carey Williams, Stuttgart 6th ASG EO

    • Wiesbaden Elementary School Hainerberg, DODDSpoc-SFC Jahbee Bartley

    • Wiesbaden Middle School Hainerberg, DODDSpoc-SFC Jahbee Bartley

      General Arnold High School , DODDS poc-Mr. Bart Zwicker

    • Aukumm Elementay School , DODDS poc Ms Joyce Arleth

      Wiesbaden MWR ,Luao Party Welcome back Soldiers , 221 st MWR , poc-Ms Denise Faison

      Hohenfels Community Center Asian Pacific Festival poc- EO / SFC Christopher Green 

      Mannheim Open Air AAFES Benjamin Franklin Village  poc-EO / SFC Douglas Lynch 

    • Baumholder -Wagon Wheel Theatre  poc-EO / SFC Hayden Julien

    • Hanau Asian Pacific Heritage Festival poc-EO / SFC Donna Gayden   

    • Stuttgart Patch Barracks Asian Pacific Heritage Festival

    • poc-EO / SFC Carey Williams

    • Wiesbaden Army Air Field Community Festival
      poc-EO / SFC Timothy

    • Kaiserslautern Asia Pacic Festival  Armstrong Club poc-EO/ SFC Sandra Short

    • Hanau Elementary School -Argonner Kaserne- Asia Pacific Festival

    •  poc-EO / SFC  Gayden

    • Giessen Army Depot- Asia Pacific Festival-poc EO/ SFC Lucas

    • Baumholder 222nd BSBLuau/ LTC Larsen’s home Smith Barracks  poc-LTC Larsen
    • Landstuhl Regional Medical Center/ MAJ Bernadette Fuller
    • U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels/CMS Donald Battles /EO  MSG Valarie Smith
    • Bamberg USAG/ EO SFC Curtis D. Freeman 


        * Call Tina for Fire Dance Bookings
    *  Handy tel#  0170-3674469
    (EMAIL)      THE-ISLAND-DANCERS@HOTMAIL.COM                                                                           

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